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grm institute of investment and trading


What you will learn-

  • What is a sub-broker and details about broking industries

  • Insights on how to generate passive income streak for you

  • How to acquire clients

  • How to generate a streamlined revenue from brokerage (include chart studies)

  • How to be an ELITE category Sub broker in pan India.


  • Refundable Security deposits of INR 50,000

  • The client base of a minimum of 5-10 traders

  • Registration charges of 2360/- per segment

  • The candidate should have an education proof of 10th or 12th

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection

Who this course is for-

  • Anyone who is interested to become a sub broker and start their own business


Course Overview

In this course, we will be mentor you on how to start a sub-broking business from scratch that will help you to generate streamlined revenue.

In the stock market, 95% of traders lose their money which is a fact! so who are the 5%? Well, they are the brokers and investors.

As a broker, we will be guiding you the generate streamlined revenue while giving the best of services to client. Now irrespective of the client making profit or loss you will be getting brokerage part for your services.

From 10 clients you can generate gross revenue of 1Lakh per month!

How we do that?

Enquire not to know the further details.

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