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complete fundamental analysis chart study

Fundamental and Technical analysis with Practical Training

What you will learn-

  • Financial Modelling

  • Company Valuation

  • Stock Valuation

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Stock Market Investing

  • Stock Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • Learn the advanced technical Analysis Skills to create attractive & consistent profits in the Stock Market

  • Learn to recognise different Chart Patterns both "Regular & Harmonic Chart Patterns".

  • Learn to Confirm the pattern's validity

  • Learn to Scan different Chart patterns

  • Learn to Trade High probability trades with attractive Risk/reward ratio

  • Learn to win in Fibonacci retracement trading

  • Learn a step by step approach of how to trade harmonic Patterns

  • Free Demat account with 50000 credit will be opened for the user in order to train them practically. 


  • Interest in learning all the concepts related to investment and trading in stock markets

  • No prior options trading experience is required

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection

Who this course is for-

  • Anyone interested to learn and apply all the concepts practically

How this course is different?

  • In this course INR 50,000 will be credited in users DEMAT account opened with us, to train them and reap profits.


Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how to determine the valuation of a company or stock by analysing different measures using ratios and statistics and all the modules of technical part 1 that includes chart studies.

We start by going through the valuation measures, then the financial highlights, and lastly the trading information for a given company. We will show you the platforms you can use and where to look to find these ratios and statistics to help with out valuation decisions. All the platforms and websites covered in this course are free and easy to use. Also, throughout the course we will teach you the definitions and the trends to look out for.

In Addition, we will Open a free Demat account for you with a credit of INR 50000 to make you reap profits and teach you to trade practically. All the profits and the credit will belong to you as we believe in making you masters of trading and investing practically!

Legal disclaimer:


The authors, or any party related to this course or it's contents, will not be responsible for any kind of loss to anyone in anyway, due to this course.

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